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What will I receive?

10`000 —

Any amount of unique visitors per month.

Any country

If you need specific GEO targeting — just let us know.

100% real visitors

We don't use any fraud or bot technologies — only real visitors.

Direct / Referral

You can choose the traffic to be only direct, only referral or mixed

Desktop / Mobile

You can choose the traffic to be only mobile, only desktop or mixed

Low-level server load

We provide custom php-script to avoid high-load of your web-server.



visits per month


visits per month


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Frequently Asked Questions

    To setup a landing page for our traffic you have three options:
  • 1. Install our PHP-script in a separate folder of your website that fetches content from our server. We strongly advice you to use this option.
  • 2. Install static HTML-version of our script in a separate folder of your website as well. De-obfuscated source version is also available.
  • 3. Find the most stable, lightweight and fast-loading page of your website. In this case we cannot guarantee full traffic deliverance as far as we cannot guarantee that this page loads fast enough for visitors to reach it.
If you need specific countries or mix direct/referral traffic we'll offer you a custom quote
If for some reason Similarweb traffic isn't shown in the Similarweb panel we'll refund your money